Now Boarding: The Best Job in the World

When the Unemployment office asks me if I have looked for work this week (yes) and where, I will tell them I just applied for the Best Job in the World.

I didn’t dub it the Best Job in the World, although I wouldn’t disagree with it, either. For $100,000 USD, you get flown out to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, live in a luxury condo, play around the island for six months, and blog about it for the Queensland Tourism Bureau. (Is this not the perfect job created for yours truly?)

Naturally, competition is stiff (me versus 29,500 others), and having thousands of laid-off individuals around the world doesn’t help me, either, considering I was one of those suddenly granted all this free time to, well, go to Australia for six months. All I had to do was put together a one-minute video about myself that was fun, creative, entertaining and highlighted why I was the best person in the world for the best job in the world.

Well, then it turned out I only had one day left to apply. So Jon and I ran around Washington with my tiny Flip video camera with low audio quality and shot me doing cartwheels in front of the Washington monument and other Washingtonian highlights like the White House and a drive-by of the Archives. Then I loaded all that plus several photos of me traveling and doing different activities that would illustrate just how fun and enthusiastic I would be, perhaps funner and more enthusiastic than any of the other 29,500 applicants. Then I battled with the lame Microsoft MovieMaker program that came with my computer and spend the rest of the day editing, cursing and rebooting my computer. It took about twenty minutes to finally upload the video to the site, considering the rest of the world was probably in a race to get theirs onto the site as well before the deadline.

Apparently 7,500 of the applicants are Americans; Britain came next. You can view the videos on the site too; there were several lame ones, but then there were some that were fairly entertaining, I will begrudgingly admit. Once mine is accepted, I will post the link. In eight days 50 semifinalists will be announced; then from there another 10 are selected and one more for a Wild Card in which the world votes for their favorite; then that group will be flown to Queensland for interviews before they finally choose one lucky individual.

Already my dad, sister, and mother-in-law are asking what my plans are if I get the job – as if I am going to get the job: “When does it start? What will Jon do? Then what do you do after the job is over? Will you stop getting unemployment? What about your apartment here?” However, the answers are: It starts July 1; Jon will come along until classes start again in August; I will hopefully be sought after by travel magazines and channels around the world to be their next travel correspondent (my dream job); yes, I will stop getting unemployment; Jon will be living in the apartment during that time and we will try to sublet the few months he is not. And for the biggest answer of all: of course, I will continue My Travel Hats while in Australia – I would never neglect the rest of you.


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