Cool Tools: The Visa Widget

Getting into a country is one of the more complicated processes established, next to clubs and exclusive Hollywood parties. The first step to international travel is to find out if you’re even allowed to enter. Then comes the fuss and muss with paperwork, photos, cost, and the amount of time needed to wait for the visa to return. I’ve watched many an individual get turned away at the window after waiting in the long queue for not having country-worthy proof.

To avoid being one of those wandering souls humbly asking to enter those countries, Visa HQ has come out with a handy-dandy widget to clear up any questions.  For example, since my friend down in South America today was trying very hard to convince me to meet her in the Amazon, I entered  “United States Citizen” and “Brazil” and pulled up a handful of visa requirements. Without having to hunt through the embassy Web site which often times has questionable English that it’s no wonder you have to return to the embassy twice or more to obtain a visa sometimes.

WordPress does not allow me to embed javascript into the blog, so you’ll have to click here to check out the widget on the VisaHQ page. Go check out what’s required for your next trip!



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