On My Itinerary: Skiing in Windham, N.Y.

In response to my previous blog (“Help! My Travel Hats needs somewhere to go over President’s Day“) I’ve given in to 1,600 vertical feet and we are headed to upstate New York for a weekend of skiing/ snowboarding with some New York friends at Windham Mountain (trail map right, courtesy of windhammountain.com). We had actually considered driving all the way to Vermont over this weekend. Now, not to criticize the work of my dear friends to organize this lovely trip, but these mountains are, well, kind of crappy. They are, however, probably significantly better than the skiing around the D.C. area. I have never experienced Windham Mountain but I have experienced nearby Hunter Mountain, both in the Catskills, which means a whole lot of skiing down ice. Jon and I are thoroughly spoiled from five years of swishing across California slopes ascending nearly 11,000+ feet at Mammoth and Tahoe.

However, I am fairly proud of the economics behind this upcoming trip. Our friend (who is Swedish, the one having the wedding in Sweden this summer, so you’d think she’d be horrified by the conditions at Windham but she’s pretty optimistic) found the Hamilton Motel in Windham for $125 a night. It isn’t pretty, but does come with breakfast.


source: liftopia.com

Then, I discovered a discount lift ticket site called liftopia.com. It partners with many smaller resorts around the country (even a few in Tahoe, but none of the major resorts in the U.S. and Canada) to provide pre-purchased lift tickets. So instead of paying $130 for two days of east coast ice skiing, we’re paying $103. The catch is there is no snow condition guarantee, so check the weather forecast before purchasing or you may lose a purchased day to rain.

Lastly, Jon likes to demo skis whenever we go, so I found Windham Mountain Outfitters 2 miles from the mountain that rents demos for $34 a package per day.  The mountain rents them for about the same ($39) but the selection is usually better off the mountain than on.

And since we’re heading up to New York, we’ll be driving rather than flying. We’re stopping at my dad’s for dinner and to cut up the trip, but since we don’t want to arrive too late on Friday night, we’re going to leave first thing Saturday morning to catch up with everyone on the slopes.

Cost for trip:

Hotel = $125 (one night)

Lift tickets = $207 (two people, two days)

Demo skis = $68 (two days, one person)

Gas = about $100 at $2/gallon

Total = $500 ($250 per person)

I’m not going to insert a “Priceless” campaign in here, but i’m pretty proud of my last-minute planning efficiency. So I guess that is pretty priceless in itself.


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One response to “On My Itinerary: Skiing in Windham, N.Y.

  1. Josh

    I used to ski at Windham a lot when I was growing up. Unless they’ve changed it much, it’s pretty similar to Hunter Mountain but isn’t nearly as crowded. In fact, I’m pretty sure Windham has a run called The Wall where I got into an argument with Ilana Shatz back in… probably 1988. Have fun!

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