Help! My Travel Hats Needs Somewhere to Go Over President’s Day!

Dear readers:

Here’s when my blog becomes interactive. We have an upcoming holiday next weekend and my company has a tendency to also grant us the Friday prior in addition to that Monday for a full four-day weekend. Hark! Four whole days! This is when I start to scheme about how to pack in a mini-vacation to somewhere exotic for 96 whole hours (sometimes more, if you leave on Thursday evening at 6pm). Unfortunately a few of my initial ideas fell apart, so now we are plans-free for now. That’s where you, the reader, get to help me come up with fun ideas.

Now if you really want to think like I do when it comes to traveling, here are the various obstacles.

1. We don’t want to spend half this trip traveling on a plane, bus, car, etc. to and from our destination.

2. We don’t want to go anywhere tropical because we just got back from somewhere tropical and that would spoil the wondrousness of being somewhere warm in winter.

3. L.A. is too far. Sorry Cali friends.

4. We would like to go skiing. We’ll even consider cross-country.

5. Jon does not get Friday or Monday off, although he can just skip class anyway if there’s something better to do than listen to professors droning on. Likely we would leave Friday afternoon and come back sometime on Monday.

6. We do not want to spend beaucoup de l’argent (a lot of money) because we just did for Thailand, and who knows when I’ll be laid off.  As in, we’d like to keep this trip under $600 ($1,000 if it involves lift tickets)

7. We will not go skiing and snowboarding in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or anywhere that ascends less than 4,000 vertical feet and has fewer than 15 runs. We would consider New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Montreal.

8. We are not bed-and-breakfast kind of people unless it is near a ski mountain.

9. I think you get it that I’d like to go skiing this particular weekend.

10. Jon does have a cousin who lives in New Hampshire but his bathroom is being remodeled right now so he can’t have guests until next month. So our free lodging option is gone.

Now your turn… help me pack my travel hat (or, in this case, a snowboarding helmet).



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2 responses to “Help! My Travel Hats Needs Somewhere to Go Over President’s Day!

  1. John D

    So I guess skiing in Wisconsin is out 😉

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