Now Boarding: Moscow from $327 roundtrip


source: Wikipedia

Da. That’s right – in honor of a new route between Washington-Dulles and Moscow starting March 29, United Airlines is offering an incredibly low deal starting at $327 roundtrip. (That’s from New York; from Dulles, it’s actually $369; $384 from Chicago, $432 from Los Angeles). Home of the famous Kremlin, the magnificent St. Basil’s Cathedral with its candyland-like towers, the historic Red Square, and vodka-flooded streets. These are places I have never been, but since I’ve been taking a Russian class at the Russian Cultural Center, I’ve been eyeing areas that speak the language (i.e. Russia). Of course I won’t get around very well with just the alphabet and phrases like “My friend Anton is eating cake” but hopefully by the time I get around to traveling there, my Russian knowledge will have more depth.

Today’s Russia still shows signs of its Communist times, but it is one of the more expensive places to travel nowadays. Still, you can hum “Lara’s Song” under your breath as you skip through the Red Square, unless it’s covered under a layer of snow and ice, likely through May. July is Moscow’s “hottest” month, with average highs at 75 degrees. If you’re thinking of traveling on the off-season, be forewarned that temperatures have dropped to a record low of -44 degrees. Don’t forget to buy yourself a fur hat for a great and warm souvenir.


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