Wanderings: Home sweet home

Dear Readers, as you can tell from my deliquence in updating this blog that we spent much more time on the beach than in the Internet cafes, but I’m finally back.

Nearly 48 hours of travel and we’re finally home in Washington. Of course, it took the last day for us to finally get sick. After taking a lumpy ferry ride from Koh Tao that left my stomach stuck in my throat, we arrived in Koh Samui 2 1/2 hours later to kill some time before our flight back to Bangkok. Jon ended up eating the entire lunch since my stomach wasn’t going to keep any of it in there, which apparently caused food poisoning in him because he became even sicker than I did and spent the rest of the afternoon throwing it all back up. (It didn’t stop either of us from enjoying a final Thai massage on Chawang Beach in Koh Samui, of course). He spent most of the flight from Bangkok to Tokyo in the tiny lavatory while I slept the night away. In Tokyo we prepared our stomachs for fresh-and-true sushi with my business school friend and his family who moved there a year ago (it was delicious), then wandered around the shrine at Asakusa before we took the train back to Narita airport and flew our final leg back to JFK, where ice lay on the ground and the temperatures are threatening 13 degrees wind chill.  More pictures and regular blogging to resume after this, so check back soon!


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