On My Itinerary: Oh Wow, Koh Tao!

The essence of Jon and my days on the island of Koh Tao:

Wake up to this view from our bed in the raised bungalow at Koh Tao Cabana (one of few five-star luxury resorts. $100 a night can buy you a hillside teak bungalow with “garden bathroom”  and balcony with hammock overlooking the ocean.)

view from room

Eat breakfast, select beach chair. Apply sunscreen. Open book. Turn pages. Shift and lay on stomach. Sometimes we’ll even move from the beach bed to the hammock. Then we’ll get up and go to the resort restaurant for ocean-view lunch, sitting on the floor and eating at a coffee table. Then we return to the beach bed and continue reading, occasionally stepping into the bath-like ocean, and then sitting there until the sun goes down and the mosquitoes venture out. Yesterday we didn’t even move to go to the restaurant for lunch; we had it brought to our beach bed instead.


Jon in a new activity: reading in a hammock.


New activity: shifting eyes from book to sunset.


This is our bathroom. It makes showering so much more fun.

Actually, we did venture out yesterday further into the ocean with snorkels and masks to check out the life aquatic. We spotted striped fish, giant sea cucumbers like slugs on the floor, a crab racing up a rock, sponges, the works. Then my mask broke and I freaked out trying to tread water without stepping on the reef and put my mask together at the same time. We ended up climbing on a rock, Jon as the heroic husband gave me his mask and swam back with just the snorkel. Then we decided to leave our little resort and walked down to where all the commoners dwelled (commoners = European/ Australian beach bums and backpackers). They all had beach bungalows as well, maybe not on the hillside and without room service, but still a good life. Today we’ll be getting some massages because all that swimming made us sore.



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3 responses to “On My Itinerary: Oh Wow, Koh Tao!

  1. Josh

    Sea cucumbers are frightening. Your shower, on the other hand, looks really cool.

  2. grace

    welcome home guys! hope you guys are prepared for the weather. and looking forward to hearing stories about your trip as we celebrate obama!!!

  3. Josh

    Not to rub it in, but it’s going to be sunny and in the 80s all week here in L.A. OK, I’m rubbing it in.

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