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On My Itinerary: Home for the Holidays (New York)

Destination: Westchester, N.Y.

The fun part about driving along the east coast is the speed at which one flies through each state, which never happens when driving along the west coast because you’re always in California. And with our new acquisition of the EZPass, we also skip right through each toll, which are frequent, particularly in Delaware, since the state is so small you pay the toll to enter and then five minutes later, pay it again to leave. (I will swear that I came up with the EZPass concept in the fifth grade, and someone probably overheard me and had no qualms about stealing the idea from a child). It normally takes us four hours to get to New York, and another hour to get through the Lincoln Tunnel if we’re entering Manhattan; thirty minutes if we’re just heading up to my dad’s in Westchester.

This time, it took us nearly six hours. Besides hitting some random traffic to board the Delaware Memorial Bridge and then prime time rush hour, we also had a mattress precariously tied to the top of a car (NOT part of my “packing light” agenda) with high winds blowing the plastic bag surrounding the mattress into shredded bits. Out of paranoia, we stopped at least once in each state to check that it didn’t get left on the interstate somewhere.

Now that we’re married, Jon and I are allowed to sleep in the same room at my dad’s house. However, there’s an increased shortage of beds as our family size increased with extra husbands and a kid. So we had to bring our own bed this year.  I should mention that we are upgrading to a queen size mattress anyway and needed to do something with our current bed, which is why the frame was shoved into Jon’s SUV next to our Thai luggage, laundry, brigade of Christmas gifts, and the mattress was packaged into a giant plastic bag and hoisted on top of his car. Every few miles, Jon would ask, “is the mattress still there?” and I had to crain my neck to look in my rear-view mirror to see if there was, indeed, still a bed on top of our car. Later we discovered we could just look at our reflection in a passing car to check, but we really couldn’t drive more than 60 miles an hour without risking the mattress flying across the highway and into the car behind us, and that’s a way to really put a damper on someone’s holiday spirit. We also stopped several times to re-tie the mattress and to re-tape the flapping plastic, so this wouldn’t happen. Without gloves, which was really cold, because it was about 10 degrees outside.

So since it was still that temperature when we woke up this morning, we decided to stay indoors and skip the visit to the city today to all my favorite Christmas sites that I never grow tired of since childhood. Jon still has yet to see many things in the big city, though he’s now been to New York a handful of times, but only once with his own bed in tow.

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