Now Boarding: Low prices to India

Probably in an effort to lure tourists back to India in the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks, is offering a “Steal a Deal” package for as low as – get this – $410 roundtrip to India, between January 12 and March 31. is a big Indian online travel agent, with flights starting in New York, Washington, Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Trivandrum. That is a $1300 difference from the ticket I paid. And once you’re there, you can find dirt-cheap hotels and food. For $12 a night, my friend and I got a ocean-front room in Goa. Granted we shared it with a little froggy and no extra sheets – this was a true no-frills room, but I spent my days parked at one of the hotel’s ocean-view tables watching the cows frolic on the beach and eating fried rice with Kingfisher beers. Similarly, in Cochin, we got a thatched roof room with mosquito net and air conditioning for $22, and a bed&breakfast in a former Dutch colonial home for $25.

Is $410 a good deal? I would say yes. Mumbai may have been recently attacked, but the country is huge. You could just skip Mumbai altogether – which I had to do, just because I was limited to, yes, two weeks.  Or, you could go anyway and participate in the festival of  Terrorism Can’t Stop Us. Of course, few people would run into a burning building, but the building has stopped burning and is in clean-up mode. India is a fascinating country with so many juxtapositions, to be covered in a future entry – and there’s probably equal chance of contracting malaria as to be trapped in some terrorist assault, or slipping on the marble floor of the Taj Mahal or taking out a shoulder doing a downward dog position. If you’re trying to burn some vacation days before the new year, and can borrow up a week on the other side in 2009, this isn’t a bad way to get your beach and culture into one memorable vacation.


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  1. Josh Gluck

    $410 round-trip to India is a pretty sick deal. Terrorists suck, and it sucks that it takes circumstances like this to get good airfare deals, but I’d say if you’ve got the time you can’t pass this one up. As an aside, after 9/11 when tourists were avoiding NYC like the plague, I brought my folks into the city for an amazing deal– $259 for a night at the brand-new W Times Square, dinner for two at Gramercy Tavern, and two tickets to a Broadway show. Not too shabby.

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